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Quality is the hallmark of Plaza Cables. Starting from fledging organization 35 years ago, R K Cable, now known as PLAZA CABLES has come a long way in establishing itself as a major player in the cable & wires industry. Since inception, Plaza has been setting standards in quality & safety with all its products. Plaza Cables is equipped with the most sophisticated manufacturing and testing equipments.

Power Cables being exponentially related to power generation, it offered natural growth option and thus the company has a complete and comprehensive range of cable products for meeting various needs of power generation. These includes LT Power and Control Cable with PVC insulation, XLPE Insulated Power Cables, Railway Signaling Cables, Mining Cables, Aerial Bunched Cables and Medium Voltage XLPE Insulated Cables, Now, Plaza cables have entered into the field of solar lighting systems, solar water heating systems which has been approved by MNRE/SEC. Plaza is also manufacturing CFLEB (Self Ballasted Lamps for General Lighting Services) which is an energy saving bulb and conforms to IS:15111 Part I and Part II up to amendment nos. 6 with ISI mark.


Headed by Mr. Sanjay Gupta, Managing Director, the organization has increasingly realized that the growing Indian needs would demand more power consumption and generation. Looking at the phenomenal performance Indian Cable and Conductor Association declared Plaza as the outstanding Cable Manufacturer of 1995.


Plaza also has DGS&D Rate Contract for solar lighting systems which includes solar lantern, solar home lighting & solar street lighting system, and has introduced LED in solar lantern, solar home lighting & solar street lighting as per MNRE specifications.


Past is often a very sound indicator of future. From my experience of more then 50 years in the field of Wires & Cables, Electrical Products and new Brands has been added for other products, I can very safely say that quality never goes out of fashion. It is one product attribute that is timed tested, and has served "Plaza" well in the past.

Therefore, whatever the future endeavors of Plaza & its Allied Brands, quality will always be a key ingredient in all its products. Towards this end, Plaza has made rapid progress in the past few years. From bringing latest technology to the fore, setting strict quality control norms, to taking regular customer feedback, and more.

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In order to maintain our brands a household name, and a brand that would serve its customers every minute of their lives, we have broadened our portfolio. Many new products have been added like "Plaza" Brand Complete range of solar products, CFL & LED fittings and many more are on the anvil.

We are confident that in years to come, we will be even closer to its customers Touching them Helping them Enrich their lives and will be reputed International class manufacturer and the leader in Wires & Cables, wow CFL and Solar Industry with quality, productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction which will also boost our turnover in multiple folds in years to come because we in PLAZA feels SKY is the limit.

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